Super Man of Steel Costumes

Super man of steel is a blockbuster movie. The audience went crazy over the movie and there were cinemas had continuous houseful. The uproar and the happy fan shout we all heard about the Man of steel is something that we cannot forget. Keeping that in mind, in this post we are sharing with you the very amazing, and almost original super man of steel costumes. Costumes are always a great way to mimic a look. Due to the very exciting era we are living in, it has become so easy for all of us to have access to things that we like.


Costumes are a fun way to get into the look of your favorite character. The super man of steel costume has a cape attached to it and the Superman logo on the chest. The whole outfit is exactly the same as you see in the movie. Top quality of fabric is used to make this costume.  This costume can be a great wear this Halloween. While everyone else wears the same old designs and dresses, you or your kid can wear something entirely different from the rest, i.e. Super Man of Steel Costume.

You would be the center of attraction if you wear this costume on Halloween eve. Trust us, only a few people get extraordinary ideas for this spooky event. You can take full advantage of this very fact. The Super Man of steel costume is the perfect wear for boys and man on this event. If you are looking for

Power Ranger Halloween Costumes

The power rangers is a fighting action children’s television show that has been running for a long time in American entertainment.  The power rangers are costumed ninja heroes that battle evil doers.  The first Might Morphin Power Rangers was first aired on local TV back in 1993.  It has been a very popular television show amongst many children ever since its first airing, which makes it an exciting and great costume for all young children.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Costumes

The teenage mutant ninja turtles are a popular group of cartoon characters that have been around for years.  They are turtles that turned into mutants and they were taught how to fight by a rat that went by the name Master Splinter.  Although the Ninja Turtles have been around for years they have remained very popular among young children boys.  Buying a teenage mutant Ninja Turtle costume will definitely make your young buy happy while he goes out to trick or treat.

Teenage-Mutant-Ninja-Turtle COSTUMES

Disney Halloween Costumes

For years the Walt Disney company has made some of the most amazing and loved characters known to the American society.  Throughout the years Disney princesses are characters all young girls fantasize about being, and princess costumes are always a popular choice.  Of course there are also many more characters for the boys to choose from also, including characters such as Shrek, and any of the characters from Toy Story.



Wolverine Costumes

Wolverine is a super hero from the comic book X-men.  In the comic book and/or movie he also goes by the name Logan.  Logan is a mutant who has special animal like powers, similar to a wolverine animal.  His special powers are to heal quickly, and has blades that can come out of his hands.  Young children love to pretend to be like the Wolverine, and so this makes a great costume for your x-men fans.


Monsters University Halloween Costumes Review

Monsters University is the sequel of the computer-animated comedy called Monsters Inc. If your child is a fan of this computer animated comedy film that was created by Pixar Animation Studios, we highly recommend purchasing this unique costume.

The movie ‘monster university’ has gained popularity since its release. It is one of the movies that the kids and adults enjoyed equally. The craze of this movie seems to be never ending; the colors and the themes of the movie have really been a source of attraction for everyone. To bring the craze to another level, we have decided to share with you outstanding Monster University costumes! Let us start with Mike, one of the favorite characters of the movie. Mike’s costume is of the perfect acid green color with a big one eye and a cutie pie smile- exactly how mike looks. We also have Sulley’s costume from Monster University which is of the blue color with purple spots and horns on the hood of it. The costume covers the body completely. Anyone who wears it would look extremely adorable! We also have other outstanding monster university costumes that are made of top quality.


Some of you might be wondering why we should buy these monster university costumes. People, take a moment and think what’s around? Yes, you got it right! It’s Halloween! Isn’t this the perfect time to buy these monster university costumes and look different from everyone else? We all have seen people dressing up as witches and skeletons but dressing up as a Monster University character would be so cool! You can also gift these costumes to your kids or cousins. Another cool idea for this Halloween would be to throw a Monster University theme party, where everyone would have to wear a costume from the movie.

Make your Halloween exclusive this time and wear some funky, vibrant and loud colors – can’t suggest you anything better than Monster University Costumes. So buy your favorite ones now and have fun being the different one this Halloween!

Iron Man 3 Costumes

Are you a big fan of Iron Man 3?  Dress up as the famous super hero Tony Stark and pretend you are saving the world with the special suit you built.  This costume is based on the 2013 Superhero from America.  There has been a total of 3 movies made for Iron man played by Robert Downy Jr.  Each movie was extremely popular and this costume is a must have item!Iron-man-3-Costumes

Despicable Me 2 Costumes Review- Minions Halloween Costumes

With Halloween on my mind, I was wondering what should the kids be dressed as this year? I considered a number of options and visited a lot of shops to find the most interactive costumes, but I found nothing very catchy. Late last week, one of my children exclaimed to me his love for the minions in Despicable 2! We laughed about some of the scenes in the movie and my little one tried to act like one of the characters. That was the moment when something hit my mind! I thought why don’t I get Despicable Me 2 Costumes for this Halloween?

The idea brought a grin on my face but I kept it a secret as I wanted to surprise my boys. I searched for the costumes and came across SpiritHalloween which provided the best despicable me 2 costumes. They promised to deliver quality fabric material and on time delivery. Though Halloween is still a month away, I was ready to order. The ordering process was easy and soon my order was confirmed. I was amazed to receive my order of 2 Minion themed costumes in such a short time. Opening the package, I felt as excited like a small boy. Once I had the costumes in hands, I was sure David and Michael would be in awe! They will love it.


On seeing the costumes, my children’s reaction was priceless! They quickly tried the costumes and they looked like cute small minions in just a blink of an eye. The quality of the costume is A+; it also fits both of my boys great. The costume looks exactly like the picture the website had given. I am so happy that I bought from them. My kids can’t wait to get dressed this Halloween as Minions from Despicable Me 2!

Happy Halloween 2013 [Infographic]

Halloween day of the year 2013 is going to be much more exciting and enthusiastic for the hilarious people as a variety of costumes are available to relish the on lookers. Decorating the homes and giving them a horrible look is the most important celebration in the event, but the thing which is more a way of fun and excitement is the wearing of different costumes. Halloween is famous because of its horrible appearance as the people try to give a haunted appearance to their homes by decorating them with skeletons, skulls and ghost like figures. Now the trend has changed, Halloween has no more remained a name of wearing the monster like masks, adopting a horrible look and frightening the others.

Happy-Halloween Costumes-2013 Infographic


2013 Halloween is going to bring a different and more enjoyable treat for the children, as they will be available with the costumes of their favorite characters. It will be really an awesome thing for the people to behave like their ideals in a funny way as no one can stop them by doing so. Everyone has a different style of celebrating this unique event. Kids decorate their homes by making the horrible figures and then sticking them in the glass windows of their houses and apartments giving them a terrible look.

Now the modern costumes of the characters like Spiderman, batsman, superman are available along with the Disney costumes, power ranger costumes, wolverine costumes, teenage mutant ninja turtle costumes, iron man 3 costumes and the monster university costumes are available in the wide range, these gave the celebrators a wide range of the options to make the Halloween a feast. Here, the most important contribution is played by the companies who make the haunted houses for the kids, many children are attracted to these horrible sites and their income is used for the charity purposes by the N.G.Os.

The fabulous thing of the event is to ask for the treat. Kids roam about in the streets while wearing the Halloween costumes and mask. They knock the doors, tease the residents and ask them to give the sweets and cakes. It is perhaps the most favorite part of the kids. It not only helps them to get the free sweets but in a funny and adventurous way. In fact, Halloween is celebrated by keeping in view the heroic spirit and invoking the passion of doing everything. Adults and kids have their own different activities; mostly fireworks are also displayed in different regions of the world.

Whether it is the use of costumes, masks, visit to haunted places or displaying a firework, Halloween is an epitome of the events.

The Best Halloween Costumes of the year & The Birth of Halloween Costume

Our annual calendar is full of important dates like birthdays, anniversaries, festivals and other life-time events, but the most exciting of them all is Halloween. Halloween marks the onset of winter and end of summer. It is a blend of both celebration and superstition. According to historians, Halloween originated with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, where people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off evil spirits. Halloween is a day filled with magic and mystery.

Most of the costumes nowadays are inspired from movies and undoubtedly, Top Best Halloween Costumes for 2013movie characters can give some great costume ideas. Following are the best Halloween costumes for 2013:

1.       Superman Man of Steel: Everybody loves Superman, and everybody dreams of becoming one. With the Man of Steel costume, you can fulfill your this wish, well almost!

2.       Iron Man 3 Costumes: Iron Man’s costume is the most tech-savvy of them all. The glowing arc reactor in the chest really catches everybody’s attention. This costume surely makes the wearer more confident.

3.       Monsters University Halloween Costumes: It is the best animated movie of 2013 so far. The costumes inspired by the characters of this movie are very cute and the best option for kids.

4.       Despicable Me 2 Costumes: This was another great animated movie this year. The Despicable Me minion costumes have always received a great response and find a lot of buyers for themselves.

5.       The Wolverine: The Wolverine costume has always been a favorite for men. This muscle costume with blades coming out of from the hands surely grabs everybody’s eyes.

6.       The Joker Costume: Since the release of The Dark Knight, more and more people have chosen this Joker costume as it really stands out from the crowd.

The Birth of Halloween Costume:

The birth of Halloween costume took place hundreds of years ago. In those times, winter was frightening and was considered a time of hardship. At that time and even today, Halloween is considered an important event for ghosts as it was believed that they came back to the earthly world.

People were so afraid that they thought they would encounter an evil spirit if they left their homes. So, to avoid being recognized by these ghosts’ people would wear masks when they left their homes after dark, so that the ghosts mistake them for fellow ghosts. Eventually, these masks evolved into dresses when people became more rationalist and started avoiding such superstitions. They were not afraid of the dark anymore, but the thought of wearing a fancy dress always brought joy to them.